New Brand, New Focus, Same Heart

Some that follow me on social media may have noticed that some things on my social media presence have changed recently. In fact people that follow me closely will notice that it has changed a few times in recent months. So, what gives? Why all these changes and what’s with the new brand? Well, let me tell you.

It’s Been a Journey

I have always had a heart to help people. Heck, it’s probably a big part of what pushed me to become a nurse and to stay in it this long. After over 20 years in nursing, I find myself wanting to serve people in a different way. This is part of what led me to pursue my masters degree in nursing education and towards my current job as a clinical educator in a local hospital. In recent years it has also manifested itself in the form of a variety of different brands that I considered:

  • The Frustrated Nurse: This was probably the first iteration of the idea that has brought us to today. When I started that brand I was rather unhappy as a nurse. I was frustrated with many things that I saw in the field and knew that many other nurses felt the same way. I wanted to be a voice for those nurses. While I was a very frustrated nurse, I felt that this one had too much of a negative ring to it. I was definitely feeling frustrated. Still, this brand didn’t really sit well with my spirit.
  • The Nurse’s Pastor: Ok, this one I actually liked quite a bit. I felt like it combined two parts of me that had never truly been completely combined in one role. While I still have a desire to be a pastor to nurses who may not have one, or even feel they need one, this limited some of the other things I wanted to do.
  • Matt Writes: This was my attempt at freelance writing. I actually had some success with this and managed to make some money doing it. Heck, I even enjoyed it. But, I didn’t have the passion for it that I thought I would. I had been writing for myself for a number of years prior to this. So, it seemed like freelance writing was a no brainer. While I love writing I found that I didn’t really enjoy writing for other people as much as I had enjoyed writing for myself.
  • Equipping Nurses: This is the most recent brand that I’ve considered. There might still be something for this brand, but I’m not sure. This came out of a desire to share my 20 plus years of nursing experience to help other nurses grow in their careers. I also thought to include my experience as a pastor into this. The ultimate goal was to give nurses the tools they need to excel in their careers AND their lives. I think this brand still has some potential. But, it still wasn’t quite where I felt like I was heading.

So, Where Are We Now?

After all those previous iterations and much self exploration and prayer I’ve ultimately decided that what I really want to pursue is public speaking. You see in my current job I do a variety of things. I do one-on-one teaching out on nursing units. That’s cool, but it doesn’t really light my fire. I do a pile of records keeping and paperwork. As fun as that sounds, it doesn’t really like my fire either. I also get to teach classes. THIS lights my fire. THIS gets me excited. I knew that I enjoyed being in front of people. For as far back as I can remember I’ve been in front of people. From playing Santa in the 3rd grade Christmas parade at school, to a long line of band concerts and marching band shows, to even being part of a band that did some gigs around my area, I can’t remember a time in my life that didn’t include some activity that put me in front of people. More recently this has included literally hundreds of Sundays on stage leading worship for adults and teens, leading worship for children, teaching children, and, most recently, preaching every Sunday for two years.

I LOVE being in front of people. Far from being an ego trip, I love the moments when I look out at the crowd and can see them connecting with what I’m doing. Sometimes this meant them connecting with the song I was performing. Other times it meant seeing people worship as I led them. Other times it meant seeing a light go on as I connected them with a concept that maybe they had struggled with before.

AND, I’m Good at it

If American Idol has taught me anything it’s that many people think they are good at stuff that they are not good at. However, when I say that I’m good as this I don’t say that with a false confidence that comes from never truly having my talent tested. Rather I say this with the confidence that comes from many people telling me I’m good at it and, more importantly, seeing the results as people connect with those difficult concepts or dive into deep places they never have before. I would never say that I couldn’t grow as a speaker. I think every person, in every field needs to constantly be working to fine tune their craft. BUT, I feel confident that I have a strong foundation on which to continue to build this skill.

THIS is What I Want To Do

With a love for people, a love for public speaking, and a talent for both I finally came to the conclusion that THIS is what I want to do. I don’t really like the term “motivational speaker” as it sounds kinda weak. It sounds like something that somebody does because they couldn’t get a real job. But, that is exactly what I want to be. I want to speak to people with hopes of motivating them.

Matthew E Norman

After considering and attempting all of those other brands this is what I landed on. Yes, it is my name. It is also my brand. With this I pray for the opportunity to speak with many people. I hope that my message can help people connect with the power of their stories so that they can heal, grow, and succeed in career and life.

You Can Help

If you are reading this then you have at least a passing interest in who I am and what I’m doing. If so, here are some things I would ask you to do to help me reach as many people as possible:

  • Pray: If you are a praying person pray for me. Pray for me as I seek out opportunities to speak. Pray for me as I put myself out there in a way that leaves me more vulnerable than many people are comfortable with. Pray that God would provide opportunities and help me to see the ones I should take and the ones I should avoid.
  • Share: Share my content. When I share something that you connect with, share it. If you connected with it you probably have friends that will also connect with it. If you know me and want to help me on this mission, share my content. This helps more people see it and can help me reach more people.
  • Tell Others: If you know someone looking for a speaker for their event, give them my name, point them to my social media or my website. Feel free to give them my phone number or email address:
    • Cell: 863-412-8526
    • email: matt@matthewEnorman.com

Thank You

Regardless of how you chose to help me, or even if you don’t, thank you. Everyone reading this is part of the journey that got me here and you are part of the journey that will get me to where I am going in the future. For this, I say THANK YOU.

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