Matthew E. Norman

Gifted speaker connecting people with the power of their story so they can heal, grow, and succeed in career and life.

Who Am I?

I’m a husband, father, nurse, pastor, educator, and public speaker . I’ve been a registered nurse for over 20 years and a pastor for more than 10. These experiences have given me a passion for people that carries into my speaking.

Speaking Topics

The Power of Story

During my nursing career there have been days that I wanted to just walk away, to leave nursing and do something else. In those moments, it was the stories from throughout my career that allowed me to keep moving forward and, ultimately, to thrive.

This taught me the power of my stories.

This also gave me a passion for helping nurses connect with the power of their stories so that they can have long lasting, healthy, fulfilling careers

Anxiety and Mental Health

Through my own struggles with anxiety I learned that my stories have power outside of my career as well. Being willing to share my story in a variety of ways helped me to heal, grow, and succeed.

Through that experience I learned that my story has the power to help others as well.

Now I speak in hopes that other’s will be willing to face their own mental health struggles, seek the help the need, and discover the power of their stories, just like I did.

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